Introducing Songen genres: Ambient

Ambient genre is a form of music that typically features soft, slow, and atmospheric instrumentals. It is often used as background music and is characterized by its non-intrusive, calming, and relaxed melodies. Ambient music is typically instrumental, but can sometimes include vocals and has influences from a variety of genres such as jazz, classical, and electronic. Ambient music is a genre of music that is often characterized by slow, evolving soundscapes, often focusing on atmosphere, emotion, and dynamics.

Common chord progressions used in ambient music include:

1. Major and minor triads – These are chords made up of three notes, usually a root, third and fifth. Examples of these progressions include I-IV-V-I, I-vi-IV-V, I-V-vi-IV, and I-vi-ii-V.
2. Jazz-inspired progressions – These progressions often involve more complex changes, such as ii-V-I, III-VI-II-V, and IV-VII-III-VI.
3. Modal progressions – These progressions feature chords from modes such as Dorian, Phrygian, and Mixolydian. Examples include I-II-IV-V, I-iv-vii-I, and I-IV-VII-III.
4. Ambient-style progressions – These progressions often feature more open chords, such as add2, add4, sus2, and sus4 chords. Examples include I-sus4-add4-V, I-add9-sus2-IV, and I-IV-add2-VII.

March 4, 2023