New genre available: Boom Bap

AI-powered music generator

Update 7th of April


Introducing a new genre. Distorted guitar sounds with loud drum beat supported by train-like bass lines now available in the app.
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The algorithm of the future

For Producers

New inspiration and help to finding new melodies. An easy and fast way to generate new music.

For Artists

Endless source of unique song ideas and backing tracks for vocals.

For Content Creators

Royalty-free and unique music for video and animation productions.

Royalty Free, Smart and Endless Source of Music Ingredients.

Freemium Key Features

Generate Unique Songs

With a just a tap of the Generate button Songen creates totally unique songs. Just a few more clicks and you have a whole song that is completely owned by you.

Edit & Mix

Edit your song's parameters such as transposing the octave of the instruments  and slowing or speeding up individual tracks. Choose instruments to your tracks from a collection of premium-quality sounds.

Share Your Songs

Once you are ready with your song you can export it as a midi file and keep working on it in your DAW. You can also export audio files and share them on social media or to your artist, producer or a friend instantly.

Premium Key Features

With the Songen Premium you get all the functionalities and an unlimited amount of new music at your disposal.

- Unlimited New Tunes
- Unlimited Genre Mixing
- Unlimited Saved Tunes
- Unlimited Exports
- Advanced Mode
- Custom Arrangement
- Restore Skipped Tune

Generate, Save and Export to Share

Choose your genre, generate and tweak new tunes to export as a midi or audio file. Share your own royalty-free song for your friend, social media or like a Pro straight to your DAW.

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