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Generate a loop. Add your vibe to it. Release your next track. Your friendly co-producer in a pocket is now available.


Endless source of unique music ingredients.


#1 ticket to Billboard

Leverage your success with an endless stream of trending music ingredients of today. No matter what DAW you're using, Songen is a perfect addition to your workflow.


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Fun, smart and highly addictive!

Songen is a whole lot of fun. David Bowie experimented with computer-generated music to help fuel his creativity, and I'm sure he would've loved this. Pro tip: try the "Trap" genre for some chilled-out, hypnotic beats. So says this 46-year-old just gettin' down with the kids...

danielrlc, 13/01/2021

Amazing app

This app is amazing, I haven’t seen any other app generate so good royalty-free samples. Especially nice is the exporting in midi so I can work on it in my daw. This will become part of my production workflow for sure!

Wavybeatz, 02/01/2021

Awesome app!!

This app has provided me the time to turn out beats on a consistent basis, I'm on a limited schedule and this gives me time to do what I love doing, creating music, and it's very good at what it does, it's worth every penny and more!!

Biggtiny, 18/04/2021

For music makers

We all run out of song ideas. That’s when we call a friend and do it together. Songen is your co-producer in pocket. It tirelessly keeps up with the latest music genres and helps you succeed as a music producer.

"I went from 4 tracks a week to producing 4 tracks a day”.


Ideas for new songs and backing tracks for vocals.


Songen generates royalty free loops for you to use the way you want.


A plan for the need





*The prices may vary by country


Musical algorithms crafted with love.

Songen generates unique and royalty free loops for you to use the way you want. Supercharge your creativity.

We have gathered and distilled the essence of different music genres and designed algorithms to endlessly produce new music. We learn the cool new stuff and pour it into Songen.

Designed to help music makers

Select genre and generate.

Music trends come and go. Songen helps you stay on the surface and easily adopt new genres – It’s designed to make your life easy. Songen knows the trending music genres and keeps on learning new ones constantly.

Key features:

• Tap to generate unique loops
• Adjust to discover the perfect vibe
• Sketch out quick arrangements
• Export as MIDI, audio or video
• Finish the track in your favourite DAW

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Endless source of new music ingredients.


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Some questions & some answers

Can I use the generated loops commercially?

Yes. Songen generates royalty free loops and you can freely use them in your own productions.

Why offered as a subscription?

We actively develop the app to keep it up-to-date with the newest music trends and styles. We want to provide a service to music producers that is relevant now and in the future.

Is it based on pre-made loops?

No. Everything is generated on-the-go by sophisticated algorithms. Some music genres have highly definitive aspects that don’t change much between generated songs.

What genre do you release next?

We actively follow the music trends to discover new influences and trends and new genres are based on those findings. You can also get in touch with us to suggest a new genre by mailing us at

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