Introducing Songen genres: Boom bap

Boom Bap is a style of hip-hop production that emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is characterized by hard-hitting drums, often sampled from old funk, soul, and jazz records, layered with layered samples and sparse melodies. It is often identified with the golden age of hip-hop and has influenced genres such as grime and trap. Boom bap is typically associated with gritty, raw production quality often produced by vintage drum machines, such as Akai MPC2000XL.

The classic boom bap progression is typically a 4-bar loop featuring chords such as: Bar 1: Cmaj7 Bar 2: Bbmaj7 Bar 3: Abmaj7 Bar 4: Gmaj7 This type of progression is often heard in classic hip hop tracks from the Golden Era and is still used to this day.

March 4, 2023