Introducing Songen genres: Cinematic

Cinematic music is a genre of music specifically composed for use in film and television. It is often composed to enhance the emotional impact of a scene or to evoke a particular mood. It typically features lush orchestrations, sweeping melodies, and dynamic rhythms, and is often used in action, adventure, and romantic scenes. Popular cinematic music genres include film score, classical, ambient, and world music.

1. A Slow harmonic introduction with a simple chord progression typically featuring a minor chord followed by a major chord.
2. A gradual build up with a sequence of chords that includes both major and minor chords.
3. A climax with a dramatic and often unexpected chord progression that might be made up of several chords in a row or a series of modulations.
4. A resolution to a simpler chord progression, often featuring a major chord that resolves back to a minor chord.

March 4, 2023