Introducing Songen genres: Drift Phonk

Drift phonk is an experimental, lo-fi subgenre of hip-hop, blending elements of trap and vaporwave. The music is characterized by its heavily distorted, chopped and screwed vocal samples, lo-fi synths, hazy atmospheres, and slow, off-kilter rhythms. The genre often features samples from anime and video game soundtracks, as well as sounds from classic hip-hop records. The result is an atmospheric soundscape with a dreamy, nostalgic feel.

The chord progression of drift phonk music is often based on a I-IV-V chord progression in a minor key. The chords may be played in different inversions, and may be accompanied by a variety of other chords such as minor sevenths, major sevenths, suspensions, and other extended chords. The chord progressions are usually quite slow and looped, and often feature a lot of chromaticism.

March 4, 2023