Introducing Songen genres: R&B

R&B (Rhythm and Blues) is a genre of popular music that combines elements of blues, jazz, gospel, and soul music. R&B is known for its soulful and passionate sound, as well as its use of improvisation and extended musical solos. It is often associated with a range of emotions, from love and longing to joy and celebration. Popular R&B artists include Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder.

Photo by Bruno

Common chord progressions in R&B music include:

1. I-vi-IV-V (One-Six-Four-Five): This is the most common chord progression in R&B music and is often used in slow ballads and love songs.

2. I-vi-ii-V (One-Six-Two-Five): This progression is often used in mid-tempo love songs and romantic ballads.

3. I-vi-IV-iii-VII (One-Six-Four-Three-Seven): This progression is often used in uptempo R&B, soul, and funk songs.

4. I-IV-V-vi (One-Four-Five-Six): This is a more upbeat progression, often used in dance songs and party tracks.

5. I-VI-ii-V (One-Six-Two-Five): This progression is typically used in mid-tempo love songs and ballads, and is often heard in modern R&B.

March 21, 2023